Upcoming Events – Oct thru Dec

There are 3 big events coming soon to the Madison area over the next couple months.



Oct 19th – 21st – Rock Con (Rockford IL) 




Rock-con has 4 warmachine events going on over the weekend.  The big main event on Saturday is  a Warmachine Weekend Invitational Qualifier Alternate event on Saturday.  In addition there is an event Friday Night, Saturday night, and  35pt event on Sunday.

Sign-up for Rock Con on PP website here


Nov 17th – 50 Flashpoint Event


 This is a special 50pt Event.     The coins pictured above are the prizes. This type of event was first held in 2009.    One players tries to defend a table as long as they can, while defending flags. If the player defends the table they suffer attrition and fight another player on the same table with less troops. This continues until they are finally defeated, and someone else tries to defend the table. Prizes are award for a variety of things, such as – “Most defends and most flags captured/defended”

Complete details and sign-up Here


Dec 1st  – Who’s the Boss VI  (A Merry Mayhem Charity Event)



One of the most popular and fun events in Madison will be held on Dec 1st – Make a 50pt with 5 jack/beast points. Spin the wheel to find out who your warcaster/warlock will be.   This event is also a charity event, and last year over $1200 was raised for toys for tots.

Sign-up and all the fun details found here