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Who’s the Boss!? 13 – Merry Mayhem 12-14-13

Location –
VFW Day Post 7591 Address: 301 Cottage Grove Road, Madison, WI 53716

Sign In – 9
Start time 9:45
Schedule: Games will be run on DeathClock and rounds will be run on a loose schedule. IE if everyone finishes round 2 at 230, we will start the new round of pairings at 2:45. Below is the general schedule for the event. This is subject to change on the day of the event. (more likely will finish ahead of schedule)
9:45 – 10:00 Pairings and Spinning
10:00 – 12:00 Round 1
12:00 – 1 Lunch & pairings & spinning
1:00 – 3:00 Round 2
3:15 – 3:30 Pairings and Spinning
3:30 – 5:30 Round 3
5:45 – 6:00 Pairings and Spinning
6:00 – 8:00 round 4
8:15 Awards

Cost – $20 if you pre-register on the merry mayhem site.
Cost increases to $25 at the door.


quick summary of rules:
List creation 50 pts + 5 warjack/beast points (No theme force allowed, Mercenary/Minion Contracts allowed.)
Scenarios: 2013 Close Quarters. Additional Tables will have custom scenarios, Shredder Swarm, and Hell On Wheels. Additional custom scenarios will be available.

Charity Event – (All day events occuring, including warhammer fantasy tournament)This is a Merry Mayhem Charity Event (Toys for Tots) –

Complete details on Merry Mayhem Found

There will be Raffle occurring. People can donate toys for raffle tickets or donate cash.

How does it work?

In addition – People will be able to donate money to help their odds on the Wheel. Before every round and before spinning the Wheel people can buy the following. (All Money goes Directly to the charity)

$5 – 1 free spin token
$5 – Dealer choice
$10 – Double Cross Token (Before Start of Game, switch casters with your opponent)
$10 – Emergency Respin
$10 – TIME SHIFT – revert your caster to its Mark 1 stats/spells and abilities. You will use the MK1 Caster and Spell Card of that available caster.

Prize Support –

Awards given for various achievements during the Event
Free Food
Wheel will have spots for door prizes on them.
Raffle Prizes
Mystery BOX!!!!


Important – All Free/spins and other tokens must be bought before a round. You cannot find out at the end of the day you were 1pt short of the boss prize and buy a free spin token.

Note – as always Free spin tokens will be some type of candy, so you can choose to Use a free spin during the event, eat your free spin, or save it for the end for boss points. Your choice.This event will be capped at 32 players (we are sharing space) If more space opens up I will take people from reserve list first.

You must preregister for the discounted fee, otherwise it is $25 the day of.!-13-Merry-Mayhem-Charity-Event-DEC-14-Madison-WI