Crippled System News

Website Issues – Podcast Feed – and other such issues

Greetings everyone, it appears that within the past month as Andy was away, the site appeared have been force hacked. The admins were locked out and were unable to make changes or recover the site.

I was able to restore the content of the site and the post content. All the podcast episodes are back as normal and all outside links should work as before.

I am currently working on restoring the RSS feed and the other podcast feeds. lots of learning backend info for WordPress and its databases.

Once we get the feeds restored, we do have an old/new episode to post. 322

As far as an update on my status, it is looking like a mid may return for myself and the Crippled System Crew. I have been away for the last couple of months assisting my mother after a medical emergency.

thank you all for being there and supporting our podcast. we hope to return to some type of normalcy soon.
— Andy
on behalf of
Nathan, Dan, Dave