Madison 6 Pack – Coming in 2012

What is the 6 pack?  – It is series of 6 tournaments that will be held from February thru July.  Each event will have Faction coins for both Warmachine/Hordes and Best of Warmachine/hordes coins*  *(Not every event will have a minion coin)

How it works – Player’s scores for each event will be recorded.  After the 6 tournaments are done, prizes will be given out for Overall Best of Faction and Overall Champion.

Prizes  – Every Event will have coins given out. In addition, prizes willl be given out to players that are able to make at least 4 of the 6 events. We will have a variety of participation prizes. we will have more information on this soon.  Also as mentioned above, we will have “best of ” prizes for every faction, in addition to an overall champion prize.

6 events

  • 35PT SR2012  – Feb  (feb 4th at misty Mountain games – This will be posted soon)
  • 50PT SR2012  – March
  • 35PT Highlander Event-1 solo, 1 unit (all other points warbeast/warjack)   – April 7th
  • 50PT SR2012 – May
  • 25/35/50/75 Escalation Event  -  June
  • 50PT SR2012 – July