Madison Defends the Mayhem Cup

On Jan 15th the first Defense of the Mayhem Cup was successful.

The Defending Team


Full Results

Madison 27 total points
Mayhem 6 pts
Hobbytown 4 pts
Mecca 2 pts

In the results I only posted SoS, Control Points, and Army Points Destroyed when it mattered in a tie.

1. Keith Pegasus Cryx VP:5
2. Jeff S Pegasus Circle of Orboros VP:4
3. Phatasian Mayhem Protectorate of Menoth VP:4 SoS: 17
4. Ben R Pegasus Cygnar VP:4 SoS:16
5. John C Pegasus Protectorate of Menoth VP:4 SoS:15 Cp:1
6. Scott D Hobbytown Cygnar VP:4 SoS:15 Cp:0
7. Charles F Mecca Protectorate of Menoth VP:4 SoS:14
8. David Ball Hobbytown Protectorate of Menoth VP:4 SoS:13
9. Josh H Mayhem Retribution of Scyrah VP: 4 SoS:9
10. David D Mayhem Cryx VP:3 SoS:16 Cp:2

11. Travis Marg Hobbytown Cryx VP:3 SoS:16 Cp:0
12. Lewis Pegasus Legion of Everblight VP:3 SoS:14 Cp:3 Ap:125
13. Nathan Hoffmann Pegasus Mercenaries VP:3 SoS:14 Cp:3 Ap:89
14. Jim B Pegasus Mercenaries VP:3 SoS:14 Cp:1
15. Alex Mecca Legion of Everblight VP:3 SoS:14 Cp:0
16. Geoff K Hobbytown Khador VP:3 SoS:13 Cp:4
17. Chad Mayhem Trollbloods VP:3 SoS:13 Cp:3
18. Matt C Mayhem Minions VP:3 SoS:13 Cp:0
19. Brian B Pegasus Cygnar VP:3 SoS:12
20. Dan G Hobbytown Circle of Orboros VP: 3 SoS:11

21. Ben Lang Games Plus Skorne VP:3 SoS:10 Cp:2
22. Dan B Mecca Cryx VP:3 SoS:10 Cp:0
23. Gary L Hobbytown Minions VP:2 SoS:15
24. Michael P Games Plus Cryx VP:2 SoS:14 Cp:2
25. Paul H Mecca Khador VP:2 SoS:14 Cp:0
26. Lance Mayhem Cygnar VP:2 SoS:13 Cp:1
27. Dewey Mayhem Protectorate of Menoth VP:2 SoS:13 Cp:0
28. Steve Holthaus Tower Games Legion of Everblight VP:2 SoS:12 Cp:3
29. Jason Anderson Pegasus Cryx VP:2 SoS:12 Cp:2
30. Nate H Pegasus Legion of Everblight VP:2 SoS:12 Cp:1

31. Marshall Pegasus Legion of Everblight VP:2 SoS:12 Cp:0
32. Nate K Mayhem Khador VP:2 SoS:9 Cp:1
33. James G Mayhem Protectorate of Menoth VP:2 SoS:9 Cp:0
34. jeremy P Games Plus Trollbloods VP:2 SoS:8
35. James N Pegasus Circle of Orboros VP:2 SoS:7
36. brian g Pegasus Cryx VP:1 SoS:15
37. Palmer Armored Gopher Protectorate of Menoth VP:1 SoS:14
38. Brian Hobbytown Skorne VP:1 SoS:12 Cp:1
39. Hudson Mayhem Circle of Orboros VP:1 SoS:12 Cp:0
40. Mike D Mayhem Legion of Everblight VP:1 SoS:10 Cp:1

41. Glen Murie Pegasus Cygnar VP:1 SoS:10 Cp:0
42. Judy Mayhem Cygnar VP:1 SoS:9
43. Rick Way Pegasus Khador VP:1 SoS:6
44. Jim Wrench Armored Gopher Khador VP:0 SoS:11

Cities/Areas Represented:
Pegasus(Madison, WI): 15
Mayhem(Iowa): 12
Hobbytown(Milwaukee, WI): 7
Mecca(Springfield, IL): 4
Games Plus(Chicago): 3
Armored Gopher(Urbana, IL): 2
Tower Games(Minnesota): 1

Cryx: 8
Cygnar: 5
Khador: 5
Mercenaries: 2
Protectorate: 7
Retribution: 1

Circle: 4
Legion: 6
Minions: 2
Skorne: 2
Trollbloods: 2