CID – Infernals

Cards I created for the CID. Each week the full cards will be updated and I will include a separate file for just the updated cards. Goto to sign up for reporting battles and for the full rules for the Infernals Updated Cards (all) Week 1 update 3-11 Week 2 update 3-15 […]

Crippled System Podcast

Episode 260: Jeremy’s Poop Schedule

Lots of video game talk in this one. Please note that the ATC announcement for addition slot has been filled. Spiderman Spoilers Deadpool 2 Overwatch / Planetside ATC Overwatch Counterstrike Keyforge Gwent Jeremy’s poop schedule Keyforge Fallout 76 Video game company issues ZG Recommendations Hosts: Andy W, Nathan H, Brian G, Jeremy S Like us […]